Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Check it ya'll, arm muscles!!!

I am now officially living in a new address and my friends having standing orders to slap me in the face the next time I get the brilliant idea to move.

I haven't had much to blog about lately other than the sadness sucking at me and D and the confusion about him and life in general, so I started thinking about what else I could write about. I was visiting a site the other day that really got me thinking. A woman was, through several entries, discussing the long road that led to her first kiss. It was beautiful and a little tragic, but it made me think about all the silly stories I have told over the years and about all the adventures I had that no one knows about but the ones that were actually there. So I think when I just can't write about what I'm feeling anymore, I will write about something I remember. Enjoy.

P.S. S, some of these stories may seem familiar, but I'll try not to be boring.

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