Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some random stuff to talk about

Since the beginning of this whole pregnancy thing, I've been talking to my younger sister, who has had her share of crappy boyfriends and got pregnant with a slacker boyfriend, therefore preparing my mother for the disappointment of daughters who can't seem to do things in the appropriate, neighbor aproved, order. (Yeah, I'm knocked up, at least I know who the father is, unlike those bitches on Maury, which by the way is so incredibly sad and I can't even imagine what would motivate a person to do that on tv.)

This is the day of run-on sentences.

Aaanyway, we talk on the phone nearly every day now which is something that rarely happened even when we shared a bedroom. (Or maybe because we shared a bedroom) We have talked about everything under the sun and something came up the other day that I wanted to share.

I thought there was something living in our closet that stole toys when I was little. Things disappeared and I never saw them again and I was convinced that some sort of troll or gnome or something equally scary lived in our closet and ate toys. I was actually afraid of the closet, but never told my parents. No joke. I had a pretty vivid imagination as a child, but I had completely forgotten about the toy eating gnome until my sister and I were discussing some of the toys I bought for my nephew, just for the sole purpose of annoying the crap out of my sister. (yeah, I'm that kind of aunt) She admitted that if her son receives a toy that breaks or if he loses pieces to a game that is then unplayable, she will throw it away. (Holy crap, that's what mom did!) All this time, in the back of my mind, there lived a scary gnome that ate toys like dryers gnomes eat socks, when in really it was just my mom! (Or was it?)

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Sari said...

thats great! haha i love it!!! ur a dork! i agree though i think there really are scary closet gnomes...