Saturday, April 14, 2007


After the bummer of the last entry, I thought I would talk about something lighter while we wait. (I don't know anything more at this point, though I have applied for a medical card so that I can see a doctor, which I need to do no matter what.)

I'm going to follow a format that Jen uses often to talk about some of my favorite tv shows.......

Gilmore Girls-
Still don't know if they are coming back next season....I'll miss them if they don't, but this season has sucked and everyone knows it...Wouldn't it be nice if they could end the show on a high note rather than a crappy one? One more season anyone?

"Damn, Jack!" I knew Audrey was still alive, I didn't expect her to be back this season. Hee. Well, this is new. Two missons in 24 hours or a set-up for the 24 movie? I don't know about most people, but I'm really enjoying the ride.

Grey's Anatomy-
I took the quiz on the website and apparently I'm an Addison, strong and confident but unlucky in love. How did they know? :) I am totally annoyed with the idea of George and Izzie together, not because I don't like Izzie, but because I actually like Callie. Come on, a smart, sexy woman that isn't a size 4, what's not to love? They need Callie to balance Mere and her scary skinnyness. Besides, what's up with those frown lines she suddenly devoloped next to her mouth? Is anyone else freaked out by this? Isn't she supposed to be 26 or so? The rest of the interns look like teenagers in comparison!

I'm having some doubts about Juliet, but not the doubts the producers would like me to have. I think she has an agenda, but I don't think it's Ben's agenda. There was something about the look on her face after Ben gave her her the look on my face when I have finally lost my patience and my temper. I think she has her own plan...not sure what yet. Jack annoys the crap out of me and has for some time now. His "my way or the highway" attitude is really getting old. I've never thought he and Kate should be together, he would never be able to accept her or understand her past.

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