Monday, May 21, 2007

Drink up baby down...are you in or are you out?

Leave your things behind cuz it's all going on without you.....

I have entered into a "friends with benefits" situation with someone I have known for over a year now, but only recently became close with. He confessed some strong feelings for me that I cannot reciprocate due to an unfortunate amount of emotional baggage (see previous entries). He understands and has been great about the whole thing. We decided to see each other while he is home on leave from the army and go back to being just friends when he leaves again. (Have I mentioned that he is my ex-boyfriend's ex-best friend? Yeah, we often joke about being ideal candidates for the Springer show. It gets better, he offered to marry me when I found out I was pregnant and J wanted nothing to do with it.) The only thing that saves me from feeling like a complete jackass about the whole thing is that we have the same feelings of frustrated worry/affection for J. The only thing I can do is enjoy what time we have together and try not to fuck it up completely when it's over, I know that he needs my support just as much as I need his, maybe more. So... this is either a genius idea that will allow the two of us to combat the loneliness for a little while and we'll both be stronger for it, or it will be one of the multitudes of relationship decisions that I will regret and feel guilty about later. Here's to being stronger!!

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