Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I have resolved to take more pictures....

This is the sad patheticness that i have been reduced to over laundry....I went to Kmart today to buy a tanktop that would go with my new espedrilles so that I wouldn't actually have to WASH the INCREDIBLE amount of tanktops that I already own. The good news is that I bought two in the same color, but different styles cuz I don't have any in that particular color.

I just realized that it is mother's day this weekend and I don't think I can take another visit of pretending that there is nothing wrong with me, nor do I want to explain to the family what IS wrong with me. rock and a hard place

I found a new apartment last week in the city so that I can move from yet another small town where I don't actually know anyone. I have to spend the night there tomorrow night so that I can have the gas turned on. (The lady on the phone couldn't give me a smaller window than 7:30am-5:oopm!) Keep in mind that I haven't actually moving ANYTHING into this apartment yet. So, my plan at this point is to pack some picnic food and sodas and books and some boxes of stuff for the kitchen so the day won't go to waste. It would be nice if they show up early in the day, but I'm not that lucky.

I'm also going to take some before and after photos and post them so that the one person who reads this can get the full effect. (Granted, she is the only person I have told about this blog, but still...)

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